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Make A Difference with the Iowa Victim Service Call Center 

You have the opportunity to be a catalyst for change and make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals across Iowa. We believe that collective action is the key to creating positive change, and we invite you to join us in our mission to support people who are experiencing abuse, crime, trauma, and other challenges. Here are several ways you can get involved and why it’s important: 

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We need dedicated individuals to serve as our ambassadors, spreading awareness of the Iowa Victim Service Call Center far and wide. We require “boots on the ground” in every corner of Iowa to assist us in distributing materials and amplifying our message. Whether it’s delivering informational packets to colleges and other key resources, your commitment of time and expertise is invaluable. You would play a crucial role in expanding our reach and ensuring that support is accessible to individuals and communities across the state. Volunteering can be personally beneficial in many ways:   

Personal Fulfillment: Volunteering with us allows you to directly impact the lives of others, providing a sense of fulfillment and purpose. 

Community Engagement: Build connections and foster a sense of belonging within your community by actively participating in meaningful initiatives. 



Host a fundraiser or organize a community event to raise funds and awareness for our call center. There are countless creative ways to rally support and contribute to our cause. Fundraising can be personally beneficial in many ways: 

Making a Difference: Every dollar raised helps us expand our reach, improve our services, and support more individuals in need. 

Building Relationships: Fundraising events provide an opportunity to engage with your community, forge connections, and strengthen relationships with like-minded individuals. 

Creating Awareness: By raising awareness about our call center and the services we provide, you play a crucial role in destigmatizing abuse and crime and promoting access to support resources. 


Spread the Word 

Finding the right support and resources is essential for families and friends coping with homicide loss. We can help connect survivors with local resources tailored to their specific needs. Every county in Iowa has a homicide and violent crimes program to help families navigate the aftermath. These programs ensure survivors’ rights, safety, and healing are given priority and quality care. We can help connect you with your local program, as well as any other resource you may need. Spreading the word can be personally beneficial in many ways:  

Advocacy: By advocating for victims’ rights and raising awareness about the prevalence of abuse and crime, you become a voice for change and contribute to creating a safer and more supportive society. 

Network Expansion: Engaging with your network allows us to connect with new supporters, volunteers, and donors, expanding our reach and impact. 

Education: Through sharing information and resources, you empower others to recognize the signs of abuse, access support services, and become allies in the fight against violence and injustice. 

Join Us Today  

Getting involved with the Iowa Victim Service Call Center is not only an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others but also a chance to grow personally and contribute to the well-being of your community.

Together, we can create a future where all individuals are supported, empowered, and free from the burdens of abuse and crime. Join us in making a difference. Contact us today