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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

One phone call can be so powerful. 

Not all calls need to end with an action-plan. When we pick up the phone, we have no script prepared or boxes to check off. Our goal is to be whatever you need us to be, even if that’s just someone to hear you. 

Phone Call


Who can call? 

We don’t ask for any personal information. If you want to, you can remain completely anonymous while speaking with one of our trained advocates. Whether you’re grappling with difficult emotions, navigating a crisis, or concerned about someone in your life, we are here 24/7 to take your call. 


Concerned Friends 

Concerned Family 

Others Seeking Help or Advice 

Listening Meeting

Non-Judgmental Listener

We understand you may not be looking to escape your situation or make a drastic change. You don’t need to feel pressured to make decisions or create action plans when you reach out.  

You’re free to call us just to talk.  

While you verbally process, we’ll provide a supportive and non-judgmental space where you feel heard. Know that you’re in control of the conversation. 

Safety Planner 

If you’re calling for help escaping a dangerous situation, we’ll walk you through your options and help you get to a safe location. Specifically, we can connect callers with a wide range of resources throughout Iowa, including homeless shelters, food banks, victim service programs, law enforcement agencies, and hospitals. 

For many different reasons, callers sometimes feel they can’t leave. In those scenarios, we’ll help you develop a physical and emotional safety plan to navigate housing, childcare, and other barriers. 

Friendly Adviser 

There are many types of abuse, and recognizing a harmful situation isn’t always easy for the victim. If you simply want an outside perspective, our trained advocates can provide that.  

If you’re struggling through a difficult time, we can also help you explore the different ways you can care for yourself. Our advocates might suggest activities like journaling, improving sleep patterns, taking walks, or focusing on nutrition.