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Sexual Violence 


About Sexual Violence 

Sexual Violence can happen to anyone, regardless of age, identity, background, or gender. Broadly, it is defined as a deliberate act meant to control and dominate another person without consent or respect to boundaries. 

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Who commits sexual violence? 

Sexual violence can be committed by anyone, to anyone. At its core, it is a struggle for power and control– a deliberate act meant to dominate another person. 

This type of violence is rarely committed by a stranger. Most often, it is carried out by someone who knows the victim/survivor. This can even be someone trusted– a friend, teacher, sibling, parent, coach, therapist, grandparent or any other important person. 

The only person responsible for sexual violence is the person who commits it.  It is NOT the victim’s fault.


What is Consent? 

Consent is an ongoing agreement between all parties involved in any form of sexual activity. Without it, any sexual encounter becomes a violation of one’s autonomy and dignity. 

Just because someone does not say “no” does not mean they consent. 


  • When someone is manipulated, threatened, harmed, or coerced into sexual activity, that cannot be considered consent. 
  • If someone is under the influence of any drug(s), including alcohol, they cannot consent.   
  • Giving consent for one activity does not mean consent for others.  For example, agreeing to kiss someone does not give that person permission for sex. 
  • Receiving consent for sex once does not imply consent for sex in the future. 
  • Even when consent was previously given, it can be withdrawn at any time if a party becomes uncomfortable or unwilling to continue.