Request A Presentation

Request a Presentation

Our advocates don’t just support survivors of previously committed crimes. We are also dedicated to proactively fighting against injustice, speaking up on behalf of the abused, and educating the public on domestic violence and other human rights issues.

Our advocates deliver presentations free of charge on a variety of topics:

-          Sexual Assault and Rape on College Campuses

-          Teen Dating Violence

-          Human Trafficking

-          Stalking and predatory behavior

-          Child Abuse

-          Bullying

We speak at a variety of venues/events:

-          Schools (Elementary, Middle, and High)

-          Colleges and universities

-          School Counselor conferences

-          Advocacy seminars

-          Fairs & exhibitions*

-          Career days

-          And more

*We can set up a booth or provide educational materials at a conference in addition or in place of a presentation if desired.

For more information or to request a presentation, please contact us at 712.722.4404.