Get Help

How Can You Help Me?

Our advocates are trained to help you.  Whether you’re calling as a victim of crime, a friend or family member concerned about a loved one, or anyone else – we can help.  There is no cost to our services and they are always confidential.

Here’s what you can expect when you call us.

“Thanks for reaching out.”

We want to acknowledge how brave you are for calling us today.  It takes a lot of strength to take that first step. And that's it. We don't ask for your name or any personal information. You can stay completely confidential and anonymous. 

“Do you feel safe right now?”

Your safety is a priority for us - both physically and emotionally.  If you don't feel safe, we can talk through different ways to help get you to a safe location.  If you feel like you can't leave, we can help you develop a physical and emotional safety plan.

"As we talk, you can tell me as little or as much about your situation as you feel comfortable with."

Your priority is our priority.  You are the expert of your own life.  We will not convince you to make decisions you are not ready to make or make you uncomfortable.  You are in control of the conversation.

“Can we talk about self-care and ways to take care of yourself during this difficult time?”

Self-care is important but can be easy to forget when you are going through a difficult time.  Our advocates may talk to you about your hobbies and how they might help.  They might also explore with you different ways you can care for yourself.  For example, our advocates might mention journaling, better sleeping habits, walking or nutrition.  There are hundreds of different ways to practice self-care, and each of us is unique. We want to help you find what's best for you.

“Let’s brainstorm together.”

As the caller, everything is your choice. If you would like to have an advocate walk you through your options, you can. We can discuss resources to help you or how to safely leave your situation. We can talk about other services that are available or we can listen while you process.  Whatever you need is what we want to provide. We are here for you.

“Is there anything else I can help you with?”

As you're talking to us, other things may come up. Something you were afraid to ask doesn't seem so crazy anymore. As you process, it's normal to have questions. Our advocates are always available to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask. We aren't here to judge, and you won't make us uncomfortable. So go ahead and tell us what's on your mind.